Our Product

Broadband​ Access Technologies 

At Ilitha we don’t see the reason why customers cannot be given a consistent service based on firm and transparent prices. We know all people and households work on expenditure budgets. ​Expenditure budgets work better when products and services prices are firm and transparent. 

We know that in most of the services such as transport fares like bus tickets are based on firm prices, daily , weekly and monthly. At Ilitha we have designed our products to provide this level , of transparency, firmness and predictability enabling families to plan better. 

We offer three simple base plans for our customers to access a superfast unlimited broadband service

Individual  Plan

Solo a 30 day access for individual to access internet over a single device priced at R90 giving rise to an effective daily access price of R3 a day. 

Small Family Plan

Amaya offered as a daily , seven day and a 30 day product at price offer at R7, R36, and R150 respectively 

Full Family Plan

Phola offered as a 30 day product at R299 per month. 

 At Ilitha Telecommunications we are acutely aware that whereas internet consumption is not truly mobile but is nomadic , internet cannot only be consumed at home only. We have therefore designed our products to allow our customers to access internet at home and out of home wherever there is Ilitha Network. Therefore our fibre to the home superfast prepaid service offers customer seamless access at home and away from home.