Fibre Connectivity

How We Connect The Unconnected.


Our offerings are priced between R3 and R10 per day for family access and unlimited data usage. This makes us the most affordable broadband service available on the market, without compromising speed and reliability.


Fibre offers increased speed, with faster access to larger media types. This means better performance for streaming and online gaming, and the ability to support multiple devices simultaneously. Fibre also means higher security, and makes your connection futureproof, ensuring it can support upcoming technological advancements.

Uncapped Wi-Fi

Connect with confidence and explore online as much as you want. With unlimited fast data, you can browse social media, chat and video call with friends and family, stream music, movies, videos, and just surf the web, without ever having to worry about running out of data or wasting data.

Products For Everyone

We offer three simple base plans for our customers to access a superfast uncapped broadband service.

Individual Plan


R21 for 7 Days

R90 for 30 Days

Small Family Plan


R7 for 1 Day

R42 for 7 Days

R150 for 30 Days

Full Family Plan


R299 for 30 Days

Full Family Plan

Pholas Plus

R375 for 30 Days

How To Recharge Using A

1ForYou Flash Voucher

01 Login.
02 Punch In Your Detals.
03 View Our Product Options.
04 Choose Your Product.
05 Confirm Your Purchase.
06 Choose Flash As Payment Method.
07 Enter You Voucher Code.

Get Connected

Online and at selected retail stores (Shoprite, Pep, Ackermans) or local spaza shop.

1ForYou Flash Voucher is available in your local spaza shop. Our network is designed as a mesh network, so as our customers walk down the street, they will get WIFI network from all homes in our rollout area.